A few examples of our work.  Our toothpaste caters to high-end, luxury brands, who are looking for products that do not contain preservatives unlike most store-purchased major brands.


A Japanese cosmetics distributor came to us with a vision to create a private label luxury brand for a chain of high-end stores in Tokyo.  They pulled it off with a beautiful, black tube in matte finish with a metal overlay cap. 

The orders for the “Select” product have been growing and the product has been received extremely well.  We are excited to see this product line continue to grow!


A .com brand found in the USA.  Dentisse.com chose to go with a reflective polyfoil tube and metal cap.  This product is available exclusively online along with their amazing mouthrinse and dissolvable whitening strips.

Dentisse sales have been increasing steadily since it launched in 2005.  We manufacture both a fluoride-free and fluoride-based product for them.

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